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August 23, 2011


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Kevin Gaza

Can you help me with a problem I experience when using this tip: The cursor races off to the bottom of the file just as soon as I get to the edge of the screen. There seems to be no way to slow it down, no matter how careful I am in approaching the edge, or how slow or deep I go. As soon as I hit the edge it races off. To solve it I have been using a cut and paste, but then I lose the original Unique ID number (which is a valuable reference, unfortuately). Ever see this problem? Any solutions?

Andy Jessop

Hi Kevin,

You are quite right, scrolling off the base of a page can be a pain - especially in older versions of MS Project. Thankfully the vertical scroll on P2010 and P2013 is a lot slower - as it the scrolling left and right when trying to drag and drop a link from one task bar to another. How I would approach your situation is to collapse parts of the outline that you are trying to scroll past. In doing so, you may be able to display the task's original row number and its destination row number on the same screen. Scrolling would then be a simpler operation as you're not going off the base of the screen. Also, I would suggest switching on Outline Number display so you can see at-a-glance the true position of a task within the project's outline (WBS).

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